Timely and accurate agricultural intelligence

Kernel is a software platform that delivers daily agricultural insights via web application, API and push notifications. We know that just giving an answer (even the right answer) isn’t enough. To help our users make better decisions, we need to arm them with context… the “why” matters as much as the “what”.

A Daily Outlook

US corn and soy from continental to sub-county scale

Kernel is TellusLabs’ suite of agricultural intelligence products. We started in summer 2016 with a Kernel BETA focused on the US corn and soy harvest. For hundreds of customers from around the world, we offered daily forecasts of yield that consistently beat the USDA in terms of both accuracy and earliness. Kernel forecasts rely on a terabyte-scale satellite and weather database that is updated every 24 hours with the latest plant health, local weather, and crop conditions. We train across all decades of historical data and all 175 million acres of US corn and soy cropland. The result is real advantage for Kernel users: a daily outlook on US soy and corn with reporting at continental to local scales.

Our 2016 final results are in; we think they speak for themselves!

Jury is in

Kernel BETA results for 2016 are best in class

The USDA published their final production report on January 12th, and the chart to the left tells the story for Soy. TellusLabs’ daily Kernel BETA closed within 1% of the final yield on September 13th, while the USDA’s own monthly forecasts did not enter that 1% envelope until November 9th, a difference of nearly 2 months. And the last Kernel soy forecast of the season exactly matched the USDA final production report.

See our post for full coverage of the results.